Deep Pockets: Welcome to Summer 24/7

27 November 2018

It’s simple. Deep Pockets has reimagined and reengineered what the market would refer to as the humble board short.

With beginnings that are humble too, the Deep Pockets story could have happened to you. From a casual get together or three good mates having nothing but good times and conversations, a phone fell out of a pocket and broke. The passing comment was quick and natural - “I wish these shorts had deeper pockets”.

Before anyone knew, a thorough and elaborated brainstorming session went into full bloom resulting in a whole new functionable type of short and the very beginning of Deep Pockets (after a fair few Balter beers of course).

Deep Pockets puts a whole new perspective on board shorts. It doesn’t matter if you’re by the beach or at the bar, the brand stands by its name. Your phone, your keys, your cash are safely in deep pockets allowing your mind to be at ease with that extra level of security.

For those with style concerns in mind, the brand has taken the liberty to solve the issue of hanging pockets beneath your uber stylish shorts. No longer do you have to worry about looking sluggish with shorts that bear the rough cuts from beneath.

With an easy fit and elasticated drawstring waistband, these shorts are about style, comfort and functionality, whether you are at the beach, a festival, or just hanging with your crew, you'll love them.

These board shorts have class in mind and can be worn pretty much anywhere no matter the occasion, however, the founders find it more popular in the beach setting, by the bar, or on a boat.

Taking consideration to a further level, Deep Pockets has expanded to ensure that the comfort and convenience of its customers are covered. For those with a little something extra to carry along, Deep Pockets has designed a stylish and compact backpack that is provided with every purchase.

Deep Pockets holds the ethos of having a great time at all times which is what the brand hopes everyone achieves as well.

Oh, and their products are not tested on animals, only legends!

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