The must do's of Facebook Advertising Part 1

23rd April 2018

If you know a thing or two about how marketing works today, you would know that to truly succeed in business, you will need to have some brand awareness online. After all, we are in the internet age and everything to do with the way people share interests to the way customers reach out to businesses often comes down to interactions made through the internet.

For businesses, this means finding target customers in their industry through platforms such as search engines, forums, social media, and so on.

However, advertising online isn’t as simple as advertising in the real world where you don’t have to worry too much about finding a target audience as your focus will mainly be on creating an ad that you think looks good and posting it on an advertising platform.

In the online world, advertising campaigns are a lot more niche targeted with the ability to specify the audience you want your ads to be shown to as well as group factors such as specifying age, gender, interests, and so on.

Needless to say, one of the most effective ways of getting your brand and your products or services out there, is through Facebook advertising.

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t know how to maximise the potential of Facebook advertising and often get it wrong resulting in excessive spending with little to no returns. Not only is this a waste of money, but a lot of time is spent on creating non-effective ads due to not clearly identifying your data and your target markets.

According to the ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry, both businesses and consumers feel bullied by Facebook due to the lack of understanding of how the social media platform works. Many small and medium sized businesses simply do not have the fundamental basics of Facebook advertising to be able to create and optimise a successful campaign for their business.

So How Do you Successfully Advertise on Facebook?

To be able to answer that question effectively, you will need to ask yourself what is your objective.

When it comes to Facebook marketing, the very beginning stages of creating an effective campaign is to understand what your objective is based on the goal you are trying to achieve.

Depending on the action you want people to perform when they see your ads, you will have to choose between Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. Your objective selection is dependent on your marketing strategy.

For example, if you want to create brand awareness so that your local customers know who you are, Awareness is the way to go. For those who wish to get a sale from the ads they run on Facebook, Conversion is the best option for you.

As the saying goes, ‘leave it to the professionals’ and when dealing with Facebook advertising, the saying applies. By engaging a Facebook advertising specialist to manage your Facebook campaigns and Facebook marketing strategies, you won’t have to do any of the guesswork.

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Stay tuned for our upcoming post on Part 2 of “The must do’s of advertising on Facebook” which will reveal more must do’s of advertising on Facebook and how to truly optimise your marketing potential on the social media platform.