About John Curtin Consulting

John Curtin Consulting is a Melbourne-based Consulting Company that provides services to Asia Pacific for Digital Marketing, Music and Event Marketing, and Social Media.

JCC has developed a leading group of consultants and preferred agencies to provide premium services to clients on a variety of disciplines and stages of growth. We have a strong vetting and procurement service that ensures all our clients the best value for investment available in the market.

John Curtin is the managing partner of JCC and has worked across some of the biggest technology startups, music labels, festival brands, and events. He has consulted to companies such as Uber Eats, Live Nation, Festival X, Caulfield Racecourse, MOREWINE, CUB, Red Bull, Sandhill Road, Top Shelf International, Ned Whisky, Vue De Monde Group, The Emerson and emerging startups as well.

We love working with brands no matter the stage of their business cycle. We have helped brands launch as well as thrive in their industries based on their goals.

We have proven strategies, networks and connections for growth of businesses.

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